why you should stop | thoughts after an exhibition

these are my personal thoughts during and after the exhibition of ''Nacional archive of Latvian contemporary art in the 21st century'' (LNMM mākslas telpā Arsenāls)

With our fast-paced routines it seems impossible to shut down our phones for a week, it's hard to watch a movie, that is not packed with action. A movie that has a slow pace and a calm story for us is something boring and hard to watch. I sometimes have a hard time watching even the best classic movies because they're so slow. 
It's hard for us to stop, to sit down with a friend and simply talk for hours without touching our screens. It's even hard to read a Facebook article with more words than photos or listen to a song that's longer than 3 minutes. Believe me, I have over 70 saved articles that I can't put myself to read. 
But maybe we should allow ourselves to be sucked in the black hole of the 21st century. 
From my point of view, I see that there are not a lot of people who really read our long articles. I'm not  shaming you for it, I do the same. It just shows that we as this new generation have a lack of interest. The society we live in today is humane, the heart is in the right place for us yet not much is being achieved. Personal growth is not much of a value. It's cooler to have many followers and sponsors on your Instagram than actually being an educated person. 
I have no idea what to do to have a positive impact on the people around me. I should just start with myself and maybe nudge a friend to read a fucking book or put your phone away for a day. 
But when I am trying to remind myself to stop demolishing my own life, I see this black hole in the corner of the room. It's sucking us in limb by limb. It lures us in with granting to build our self-confidence through social medias, with ''getting good contacts for the future'' and other truly great advantages we fool ourselves into falling in a pit of trash. It takes our time and soon we become worthless. 
But maybe we still have a way. Start today. Social media and some of the gifts it gives are great, but most of them destroy you as a personality. Delete whatever you can from your life that takes away the time that you could spend doing something worthwhile.
I started with snapchat, that's probably the most pointless app of the century. I am on my way to delete some of my many Instagram accounts, that shit really gets me down sometimes. 



day 1: I went to an exhibition and just sat for hours. I'm starting to give myself time to be with myself.

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  1. Blahbluh says:

    You took words out of my mouth. I deleted snapchat as well last year and I can see the growth of comunication between me and my friends after I did that. Why not to meet your friend, drink tea or wine and just talk through the little moments or things that made you happy instead of constatly taking snaps and sending them to people who you dont even know that well? You snap and arrange a meet up with your friend but when you meet that friend, you are staring at your phone screen and arraging meet up with the next friend and so on… our phones are “community helpers”, they shouldnt be community destroyers.

    1. admin says: Author

      Exactly, I deleted it right after taking a video of myself, not speaking, literally just another video of myself doing nothing. I finally understood that snapchat is such a pointless piece of shit app.

    1. admin says: Author

      chill out with yourself more. do nothing, just think! if you’re having trouble doing that, call it meditation. It’s so refreshing being with yourself and yourself only for a while!

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