The blues of youth – Luīza Kohtanena

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Luīza Kohtanen

Meitene, kuras ikdiena aizrit skaistajā un nedaudz skumīgajā Āgenskalna vidē. Prieku rodu fotografēšanā un labā mūzikā.


Disclaimer: what is written here is my reflection, my contemplation on the subject of being young.

Youth for me and all of the people that are around is a weird time of longing, passion and affliction.

Someone who thinks more and tries to challenge himself, often finds one wondering- what is the meaning of all of this? Some of us get triggered by the thought of it because we just don’t know. Then there are self- denying people for whom feelings have lost the meaning, so then there is just no meaning for anything. And then there are self-affirming people, who just try to live their life in the moment of it, they want to feel and not really concentrate on thinking. And that is their way of giving meaning to something- by living out the moment, right then, not thinking about collecting them. The goals of the self- affirming and the self- denying are unachievable, but something worth striving for if you want to acknowledge some type of philosophy to live better.

I am only 17 and I don’t know what my philosophic, work or even practical life tendencies should be like. Sometimes I will be very passionate, sometimes I’ll be just impassible. It depends on how long my day was or how much I’ll have thought about my purpose etc. That is why I think youth is such a weird time- usually, you don’t know what or how to feel. There is love, sadness and happiness, sometimes. You just get the blues of youth.

 When I was asked to send some material for this little publication, I didn’t really know what to submit. So I just selected photos of my friends or the trips, events we had while we were (and still are) in our youth. I wouldn’t really call myself a photographer, I’m more of a moment collector. Collecting all those moments- for me, it means giving meaning to them. They are not more unique or better than the moments that weren’t collected. They are just there; they’ve been given my kind of meaning- the lust, grief or despair of the moment.


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