Paris. June, 2017

People, who meet me, soon realize my love for Paris. So it comes to no surprise that I went to Paris this June… again.
Here`s what I saw and my favourite pictures I took. Following this article, I will also make one from when I visited Paris in March. Then some guides to where you can eat (cheap and expensive), museums and ideas on how to explore Paris in a unique way.


Where we stayed

Staying at hotels is not at all bad, but when you’re travelling with 2 or more people, you should rent an apartment. It costs cheaper and if you’re staying for a longer time, also feels better.
We rented a very French apartment near L’Opera in a somewhat Asian block. The roof apartment was a bit too hot at nights when the heat wave hit Paris, but our stay was fantastic.

The Cafes

The food prices in Paris will drive you nuts, so discovering something cheaper is a blessing. I knew where to go to lunch right away. Paris has several districts and my favourite is the 3rd or Le Marais district. It’s a bit quieter but the social life is amazing. I’ll write about it soon in a new article dedicated to this district only, but for now remember that some of the cafes serve delicious, very French and CHEAP food!

Jardin du Luxemburg 

I spent my free time coming here to sketch, paint and take product photos. This park does have a French atmosphere that’ll inspire you for days.

I went jogging every morning and if you like to run too I suggest waking up early and going for a jog at the Louvre garden. It’s the best way to start a day and also very beautiful, you won’t regret it even if you’re not a runner.

Here are some photos I took but head over to here for a part 2 about Normandie! 



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