open for business – creative outlet

I really want to keep this website going, but I`ve been so busy lately and I don’t think I’ll be able to keep writing.. not alone. And because of this problem I have come to a solution that’s better than the original idea.

I want to make Epiphany a creative outlet for the new generation creatives. And you can be a part of it and share your talents and work.

If you want to write:

  • articles
  • photo posts
  • reviews about film, books, music, events
  • video posts
  • your own ideas

you can write to my email – or DM me on my instagram – @elizabethbluma with your ideas or just telling me that YOU WANT TO EXPRESS YOUR CREATIVITY! And we`ll think of something cool to make!

Let’s make this a cool place to find inspiration and publish your work!!!

P.S. i’m also ready to invest some money for bigger ideas, so this also works if you want some sponsorship for your creative ideas!

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