Normandy, Trouville (Paris part 2)

Paris got really hot. I’m talking – dripping sweat right after you come out of the shower – hot. And the small roof apartment did us no good. So we got on a train and went to Normandy. After seeing Dunkirk I would’ve suggested going there but I was not aware of the existence of this film then (can someone go there and send me pictures, please?). So we went to Trouville. It’s a fishermen village and is very beautiful. We stayed at a hotel on top of the village and you can overlook the sea. I can’t even describe what a beauty this place is. 

If you saw the movie, then you know that every few hours there’s a tide. One moment you’re laying on the beach and the next you’re soaking wet in the same place. It’s kind of an amazing view, really. Such an eerie view of the beautiful houses and the sand beach is what made me want to stay. 

The restaurants offer delicious sea food. You can eat at a cheap price or on the expensive side. 

I decided to go for a run. At 5 am. I’m very glad, however, that I woke up. I was all alone in this white beach. A pink light from the other side came over me. I have always enjoyed early mornings, but if you’re ever in Normandy I not only suggest but instruct you to wake up early, before anyone else and go for a jog or a run. 

This is a place I want to go back for sure. And fun fact the only ”real” camembert cheese comes from a Normandy cow. Here you go, you not only read my article about Normandy but also got a useless fact.  

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