My personal favorite spots in Riga city

I was born and raised here in the capital of Latvia – Riga. It comes to no surprise when anyone from a bigger country has a very little clue of what and where Riga is. I`m used to it, of course, but I do wish to tell the world of the beautiful, unique and cosy city that I love.
In this article, I want to introduce you to my favourite local places. I will show you that Riga is not just a former Soviet Union city but a home for many beautiful people, events and places. I want to encourage you to come here too to see and experience what it’s like to live in Riga.

KKC — Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs (Cannabis Culture Centre)

Don’t get fooled by the name of this place, it does not involve any Cannabis (unless you look hard). But KKC is a place that holds many interesting events. Poetry nights, DJ nights and even movie and improv theatre nights make you stay. It works as a cafe in the daytime and a bar and club at night. The work hours are quite weird (around 1 pm but not always, believe me ) as long as you go there past 5 pm you’re bound to have fun. They work every day/night till the last visitor. The drinks are cheap and the snacks are always delicious. In the summer a lot of terrace events are being held for a small pay (around 3 Euros).

Skolas iela 15, Riga


A new culture spot opened this summer in the Riga centre. I attended the graduation of a photo school here. It’s a beautiful, renovated house. I have not yet had the opportunity to attend any of their events, but make sure to check out some on their Facebook page.

Robert’s Books

Robert’s books is an English bookstore very close to the Radisson Hotel. Many beautiful and interesting books are up on display and ready for sale. The front of the bookstore is nice as well, you can sit and read a book outside. Inside you’ll find a cafe and a great staff. Further down you’ll hear one of the customers playing a song on the piano or the conversations of people playing cards. Buy some of their covered books- you won’t know the title but will only see the description of it. They too host some great music, poetry events and discussions.
(very close to KKC too!)

Ausmeņa Kebabs

One of my personal favourite places to eat in Riga. They offer great meals and great music and atmosphere. The prices a very cheap for a good quality food.

Vest street bar

They offer great, high-quality meals in a beautiful interior. Not much to say about this place, you’ll experience the local crowd in a light atmosphere.


A club in the night gathering all the hip people in Riga and a bar/restaurant/cafe in the daytime. They offer delicious meals, cheap business lunches and a beautiful interior. Visit it at daytime for a good meal and return at night for the club.


is a beer house located next to Piens. It has other pubs in other addresses in Riga, but this is the central one. They offer many different flavours of beer. You can buy a glass, a bottle or even 2 Litre bottles to take away. Each week they offer different flavours. The interior, like many other cool places in Riga, is outstanding and so is the whole experience.

One One Riga

A night and dance club in Riga. A very cool club to attend to dance your heart out to some electronic, house of experimental music.
These are some of my favourite places in Riga. If you’re ever here and wish for a local guide, I’m more than happy to do so! I’ll show you local spots, tell some history behind them. Contact me –
here are some more photos —

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