Guilt, shame and other bullsh*t – a letter to me

Here’s a personal letter to me by me.

Dear Elizabeth, 
You’ve done some pretty embarrassing stuff in the past. Remembering some of it probably makes you blush or cry or laugh.Throughout your life you have made many blogs, most of them you forgot about as soon as you had a new ”great” idea. And to be honest, that might be the future of this website too. But it shouldn’t be like that. The reason you don’t finish most of our projects is because of the lack of confidence you have.
Everyone could be successful in whatever they do. But we’re all so ashamed of most of the thing we do.
You’re so scared of being vulnerable of showing your work and it’s such a shame.
You’ve had so many good opportunities that you blew away because you are so scared of being bad at something.
You’re scared of seeming annoying or fake or not fitting in. And right now you’re scared of writing. You’re ashamed of some of the music you listen to, you’re scared of putting out your art and getting credit for the good things you do. As if failure makes you a worse person. Because it doesn’t and this thought is slowing down your life, slowing and even stopping your progress.
I know you want to scream out the new Harry Style’s songs when you’re driving. You want to say that you like something out loud without feeling ashamed of it. You want to ask for what you deserve and go down to the cafe this Monday and show your art work even if it means you might humiliate yourself. You don’t want to care if you don’t fit in or if you do fit in a certain category.
So please, stop giving a fuck about what others think of you. Do everything for yourself and do it with pride.
Love, Elizabeth.






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