a short story about travelling alone

Prague, 6/05/2017
Each journey, each trip, that I’m on my own, goes through the same course. I start excited, ready to grow through the exploration of unfamiliar places and the anonymity of being a watcher.  

I watch the people go and their own take on life – the way it portraits throughout clothing, the choice of transport, coffee, smoking habits. I dwell into their potential, hypothetical thoughts about the weather and their surroundings. Different voices, accents, sounds fill up cities and villages creating a unique spectrum of life. I’m always a watcher in new places. But, as much as I try to deliver my thoughts through writing, as much as I try to be a watcher, my own emotions take over. 
That’s the second stop in my journeys. The sadness, desperation, fear and loneliness. I’ll get scared wandering around, scared of not getting to where I want to be, not becoming who I want to become. New places do that to you. At this point I’m out of my comfort zone, feeling small in a huge space, I’m not home anymore. And as scary as it might seem, these are the times I find, piece by piece, who I am. I find new paths, new ideas through the exciting unknowingness of being away from home. I’m in Prague now, sitting alone outside of a cafe, few hours from leaving to go home. 
I’m in Prague now, sitting alone outside of a cafe, few hours from leaving to go home. People pass me by, give me looks. I can only imagine what they’re thinking. As I drift away from my own thoughts, I wish to thank for every opportunity I’ve had to travel. I encourage you to take every opportunity to go out, get out of your comfort zone and discover new places and yourself

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